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kingaaronpaul said: are you alive?? where have you been??

Like I said to natplsss I have been off for like a year and a half and now I am coming back to tumblr but I decided I will only be using this blog http://the-twin-born-in-fission.tumblr.com 

It was my old cinephilia blog but now I am gonna use it for all sorts of things. Sorry I have been away for so long. It just sort of happened I guess. 

Link 11 Oct 1 note Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...»

Follow my actual film blog here :)

Text 10 Oct Just a reminder that my *ACTUAL* film blog is right here

Linky blue link that links to linked things

I will be deleting this soon so if you want to still follow me (I’m the same guy just different blog with a very similar title :P ) then no reason why you shouldn’t do it.

So come to that other blog and say howdy :)

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what-to-be-done-with-her said: Your “true” blog? The other one was false? :O

No, not false. But less than legitimate :P

Text 16 Sep 1 note My true blog

I’ll be making such posts in the next few days, if that’s alright.

Just wanted to point to everyone the existence of my actual film blog which is this. It’s called the same as before but it’s a new account and everything. Plus I’m cooler now. :)

Text 9 Sep Just to let y’all know…

I’m gonna delete this blog and start a new one. Also film-related.

Reason being I’m sick of having this as a 2nd blog, and I can’t switch it to make it my primary one. So I’m starting fresh. 

I’m not sure exactly when that will happen but it will be soon, so if you’re interested (I mean no-one’s forcing you to keep in touch with this blogger) keep an eye out for a notice by me on this matter.

Cheerio ;)

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Gardner & Sinatra


Gardner & Sinatra

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I believe sucking smoke into your lungs, well, it will kill you.

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“I don’t want a childhood. I want to be a ballet dancer.”Billy Elliot (2000)

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I think this is a metaphor for how fictional characters or celebrities would explain reality to their tumblr fandoms :P

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Favourite movie villains - Hannibal Lecter

Well, Clarice - have the lambs stopped screaming? 

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I’m just going through all the messages people have left me while I was gone… dear lord I’m ok you guys! Calm down! 

I never thought people here actually missed me… good thing to know I had an impact :P

Text 31 Aug Alright folks I’m back let’s not make a big deal out of it cool?

Just a quick message to say I’m back on tumblr. 

So much have happened over the summer, over this week, and over today that I don’t feel like talking about right now (or ever). But I’m feeling great (for now) and I’m cherishing it, so the less I talk about it the better. :)

But I’ve been thinking over how much time I used to spend on tumblr last year and I’m thinking of restarting my blog. “Crazy” or “weird” did you say? I know… real hardcore stuff… but I can’t switch my blog around to make this one my primary one and delete the other so I would have fewer reasons to be on tumblr so restarting it feels like a sweet choice to make.

I’ll let you know when that happens so you can follow the new blog, if you so wish. It will most likely be called the same thing anyway. 

So yeah that’s that :) Hope you had a great summer and all that jazz. From the looks of it I’ve lost 10 followers. Ooh well… ;) 

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